Nearly three quarters of my wardrobe is comprised of black…And no, I am not a dull person. On the contrary, I love color. I love a splash of color that brightens up everything around. Ironically though, I see myself best in black.

Black Cut

‘Waa gwan?! Mi a gwaan easy!’ Guess who got ’em rasta sauce  going on?! :) lol

Before much undo pardon the inconsistency on the blog. I would love to tell you all that I have been up to but for your sake I would rather let it slide (don’t want to kill you with boredom). Nothing thrilling has happened so far apart from almost been hit by a ‘matatu’ just near  home as we learned how to skate . For starters, why do people think some sports are for a certain age or gender? Uh! You should have seen the gaze and the stares I got from the women around. Their gazes oozed so much dismay and some sort of sympathy or so :( . My friend, Dan, and I could not help but laugh it out.  Once in a while a girl needs to have fun. She needs to do something that is beyond her daily scoop of fun. My point  point is; a girl is allowed to dress up ,stay collected and at the same times its okay for her to loosen up and skate around looking shady with messy hair and undone eyebrows. You get the drift by now. Of late I feel the need of learning something new and skating just seemed ‘perfecto’ for me:) Well I am still getting the hang of it.  Should probably be a pro soon and get some photo shoots done in ’em roller blades~’cash me outside how bout dah’ lol :)

Enough of the babbling and back to the outfit of the day. Body-con cutout dress is a MUST have for so many reasons. One of  the reasons being that the  dress accentuates a woman’s femininity is a fierce  chic manner. More so, by simply throwing in a blazer the ensemble can simply turn into  official chic. For this post though its all about the casual look, one that can attend a cocktail party,causal  dinner,a wedding party, a night out or so. As always Backyard Shoez always got the sauce and the strappy heels complemented the ensemble…

…Here are some snaps loves :)

Black Cut

Black Cut

Black Cut

Black Cut

Till next post ….I leave with you love. Vic and I have so much in store for you this coming weeks … Inshallah !

Written with love with Vic Munga’s  imagery,

Love & Love, Njoki


Bodycon cutout dress & Faux fur coat – She’Z Trendy Collection (+254715  798879)

Strappy Black heel – Backyard Shoez

Sunglasses – Glam Code Fashion House

Lipstick – Nakshi Nouba

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  1. Louise

    July 12, 2017 at 12:38 pm

    This is my favorite post now . Truly beautiful


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