Roll the dice. Choose a number. Either way, I only have six photos…

Black Dice. Blue Dice

Snap! It’s Friday:) The sun is out and  so are my shoulders. Two colors~blue and black (main colors). The wind chimes into a song and ruffles my hair… and there it is, a simple flowing style just perfect for this weather, captured in six photos.

Black Dice. Blue Dice

I could not think of any other pair of sunglasses other than this wide framed ones. With open hair…they suit.

Black Dice. Blue Dice

My fathomed love for black could not go unnoticed. I had all bottoms in black, from my favorite  strappy heel from Backyard shoes to the gothic leather bag.

Black Dice. Blue Dice

…It is when I am in high slits that I love a cool breeze that softens the afternoon heat. The wind add ups a bit of style huh?

Black Dice. Blue DiceShot #6. It is a wrap. That was really brief, however the next posts we’ll have more pictures. For now, I hope you enjoyed the post :)By the way, do you prefer high slights or low? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love & love,



Black maxi- Toi Market

Sunglasses- Toi Market

Off shoulder top– Nessa.Fashions

Strappy HeelBackyard shoes

Lipstick, Vamp – Huddah Cosmetics


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