The clouds are grey…someone is feeling grey~ It is a grey affair

Grey Feather

Oh grey feather, light up my world

In amidst of all the mist, mystify my way,

Quite lost but Oh I hope big, Or rather I pray ~Hope & Pray

The land is getting colder and the tide at the sea is becoming strong,

The breeze is full of different fragrance but none is familiar,

Stranger things they say,

No idea where these  scents  are from that’s why we ~Hope & Pray

Grey Feather

…I come to you with love, warmth and this ‘grey feather’ affair’. Not a metaphor or so but  simply a style post in a grey trench coat that got me feeling sentimental in the poem above. I feel grey, like literally grey. Undecided. Unsettled. Not sure of things that I used to be sure of. Perhaps the cold  weather is part of  the reason but Oh well, we all have such moments, grey moments.

Of all the Trench Coats in my wardrobe, this grey one felt right for the moment, season or whatever phase this is. Just a trench coat and these Backyard Shoez   classics. Here’s some gallery :)

Grey Feather

Grey Feather

Grey Feather

Grey Feather

Grey Feather

…at times go with your mood flow. Put on that Trench coat ‘wit noting, and walk 😉

Written with love with Vic Munga’s  imagery,



Grey Trench Coat-  Toi Market

Shoes- Backyard Shoez

Glasses – Glam Code Fashion House

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One Comment

  1. Nate

    August 14, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Artistic and brilliant choice of words… I can relate to the grey moments :)


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