I want to grow. I want to be better. You grow. We all grow. We’re made to grow. You either evolve or you disappear”- Tupac Shakur.


Kumi mbili kesha fika,

Shukran tele naambika,

Kwake Jalali kapendeka,

Bila shaka sina ya kufedheheka

Mengi mie kapitia,

Ila ntaganga nayovutia,

Aushi yangu najivunia,

Nani kasema siku zagandia?

Someone please hit up my High School Swahili teacher!Mr.Kimani has to see this, lol :). No really, I came up with ‘beti mbili za shairi wa tarbia huku nikizingatia vina, mizani na bila shaka mistari .’ He-he,This is how you know thoseĀ  Swahili lessons came in handy eh šŸ˜‰ I guess I’m not badly off at 20 since for starters , I came up with a ‘shairi’,ti-hi*;)

I should have posted this 4 weeks ago when I actually turned 20 but hey, better late than never. So….20 is thus far great, vibrant and exciting. It actually dawned onĀ  me that in a few years now I’ll be around 25 -26 years old which is technically like 30,chills*:( But then again,Ā  one has to live through life to experience it. To live and cherish the moments. To evolve.

This posts generally describes me at 20. A blend of color with a funky urban retro look.General outfit; Black body suit,brown corduroyĀ  pants and the must have chunky heel ankle boot. I’m not a big fan of corduroy but at times I feel it adds a vintage touch to an outfit. If these were just cotton pants I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have brought out the retro pop, hence corduroy certainly makes the difference. The long beaded choker, which I suppose should be a must haveĀ  for allĀ  bead lovers, isĀ  simply a statement. When worn with the right outfit, minimal make-up and accessories while ensuring everything is inĀ  coordination, ma’ you’ll’ be getting in FORMATION;)…..

IshiriniCorduroy pants…


IshiriniGel polish + Statement beaded choker + Midi rings

IshiriniLeather back pack + Chunky heel boot


IshiriniButton studs…

IshiriniChunky bangles + Black Cherry Lipstick + Vintage round sunglasses(my all time sunglasses lol :)




Body suit- @Nessa fashion (+254727880216)

Corduroy pants- Thrifted

Chucky heel boot- Toi market

Leather Back Pack- She’s Trendy Collections (+254715798879)

Choker+ Chunky bangles-@ Beadart_n_Jewellery (+254713189847)

Midi Rings – @Michiko Ar t(+254706207292)

Lipstick- Black Cherry, REVLON

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