No honey, we are not popping bottles, its just a color Of Spaces and Champagne … however,we should be sipping some champagne!😃 This marks one of my first posts oozing in my own ensemble Throner Apparel . It has been a long time coming especially since I never made hay when the sun was still shining these past two years. At any one point in life has it ever dawned on you how much time, energy and cash slipped off your way simply because you made the unnecessary necessary. It is a norm that curbs most of our progression . However in this case we are grateful this mama here discovered her truce along the way. Of Spaces and Champagne For the longest time ever I have always wished to have a customized wardrobe. One that is not a rip off but simply reflects own style and persona. Finding the space and charisma to do so was as easy as fitting an old harness to an old horse. However, fueling this van packed with ambition and passion has been a cricket ball! Yes, it has been that hard. This  self confessed love for fashion keeps the fire burning and all the balls rolling despite the cold blankets life throws sometimes.

Of Spaces and Champagne

Of Spaces and Champagne

Of Spaces and Champagne All this feels new but heck I would be damned if I do not give it a shot. Really, I may have not attended fashion school but my heart was born fashion-ready lol 😂. For all cocktail lovers, you will be loving the blog posts coming your way. Nothing but the best of the clothing line Throner Apparel and a blend of narrative style posts as   Jolie Throne  .More so, you can now order  any of the outfits posted , from Throner Apparel , for  yourself and loved ones and get them customized according to your style preferences and color. I am excited about this guys and I would be so happy if we did this together. We have done it so far, and now, more space awaits ~ Of Spaces and Champagne    This is a space I am creating and embracing,what spaces and you creating and enthusiast to embrace?


Written with love using Vic Mung’s imagery,

Love, Njoki ❤️


Full outfit available on ; Throner Apparel

Shoes~ Backyard Shoez

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