“She’s the kind of queen who knows that her crown isn’t on her head but in her soul ” ~ Adrian Michael.

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Its been a fortnight or so since we last had a cup of tea, but worry not, we finally get to share again. As random as this post maybe, it has to be one of our ( Vic, Peter and I) favorite so far. Not much thought was put into it but the result was something extra. Guess it confirms that randomness has its own awesomeness! The portraits were to be part of a project that Peter had in mind.I was still am overly grateful that he considered to incorporate my style.



/WANJIKU/ is the name he gave the portraits (my third name from my momma).That seemed just perfect from what the photos ooze. A resilient lady, calculated with fortitude. A lady whose scent is graceful . She has a speech that is bewitching yet still has a hint of sharp sourness. She is as calm as the summer sea but you never know when she would pounce; And yes, she never misses when pounce. She dwells in her independence yet still isn’t proud to seek for a shoulder to lean on or share laughter with the next. She is a well wisher whose vibe rekindles the warmth of a tiger or so to say,inspiring.She acknowledges glamour but celebrates and yarns for more than what is on the surface. A deep soul perhaps? … The waves whisper that she has a crown on her soul rather than on her head… She is a queen, from a queen and she sees all these other beautiful queens ~ her vibe attracts her tribe ?

~~ Here’s some more gallery ?~~






…. I leave you with nothing but love ❤️. Thank you for stopping by … ?

Written with love with @Blackgold Productions imagery; retouched by Vic Munga

Love; Njoki.


bodysuit – WBC (CBD)

skirt- Toi Market

Accesories & flash tattoos- Michiko art

Hair- Hair Couture

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  1. Anitah

    September 16, 2017 at 8:30 am

    I love everytthing about this post??


  2. Joy

    April 19, 2018 at 3:13 pm

    keep shinning


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