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It has been a while since I last came up with something. It felt like my creative space was running low so had to a back seat first. However, I have been posting up a photo or two on  Instagram of course accompanied with ‘amazing’ if not ‘funny qoutes’.

Truth be told,most of the times I posted some of those pics, there was this vague breeze that would blow my way, but heck, still posted them anyway for the ‘likes’ and to increase a bit of following. It actually did work however, the more I posted the more vague  it felt, the more vague I became. Days passed as I got overwhelmed. It had  been long since I blogged like I used to. I started making comparisons here and there, I felt like I was slow. Not even close to the bar that I had set or my friends set for me this 2017. Then came this sudden urge to start my own designs, an urge that has been there for like 2 years now but I honestly did not have the guts to kick it off. Leave alone the guts, I literally had no cash ?!! Well, recently  started  @thronerapparel   (clothing page) started  but literally on my two penny savings. I got more broke of course. I no longer went to hangout or do cocktails and lunches anymore. But hey, every cloud has a sliver lining,I eventually discovered how much of a great cook I can be lol ?. But yes, nothing good comes easy so some sacrifices are inevitable. Cutting of budgets, saying no to friends cause hey, unnecessary pressure isn’t worthwhile.

What's what

More so, have you ever felt like days are passing too fast? No thrills at all and just stuck to routines? That was part of it too! I bet you loathe this feeling too.It makes one feel stuck but then again who would know how I felt? My Instagram was bubbly as a candy castle. Ans that is  the thing about social media. It has this weird frenzy like everyone is doing alright, and if you are a creative, woe unto you if you do not keep up with your flow. If you do not keep creating and being on your toes. But the thing that sickens me most is how we go rush to like stuff, screenshot and all and not even pay attention to the most important thing, the concept! But I can’t blame us ei, I was told that is what we are ; millennials. We are simply visual. We have no time to comprehend. We love the thrills and what’ is trendy and latest… this is one trap I do not want to ever fall for.

What's what

What  of 2018? Definitely more from   @thronerapparel and on the blog as well. No bars set (low key ) and more of living, loving, oberserving, learning, sharing, laughing, seeking, listening, doing and most of all being true to self and those around.

What's what

I am so grateful for 2017, everything that came with it was a blessing or a lesson. Most of all I am grateful for you! You reading this right now… thank you so much for your support and for stopping by. That is just enough inspiration and we’ll keep bouncing it back to you. Till next post, have a wonderful weekend ahead and Happy new year ???. Stay safe, we need you more next year!Here’s to more blessings next year,❤️

What's what


Written with love with  Easy Five Studio’s imagery,

Love, Njoki



Blazer- thronerapparel

Hoodie- thronerapparel

Classic heels –Backyard Shoez


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  1. Ivy Mbogo

    March 19, 2018 at 7:17 am

    wow nice piece.Love it


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